JJAZ Fod is a resonance damping foot usable with every Hifi-apparatus, ranging from CD-players over amplifiers to loudspeakers.

The foot prevents vibration propagation from and to the apparatus to the support a shelf or the floor and thus you avoid that the separate apparatus are affected by each others vibrations.

The benefit of mounting the JJAZ Fod is obvious. By decoupling the equipment from each other you will experience an improved soundstage and a greater amount of details. Furthermore the dynamic improvement on especially the loudspeakers is almost overwhelming.

JJAZ Fod_Instructions

One set with 4 feet
Price: 110,- DKK

Three sets with 12 feet in total
Price: 270,- DKK


Buy JJAZ Fod at one of our dealers or via e-mail at JJAZ.

* note: prices are subject to changes without notice