Your equipment should reproduce what is on the media. No more, no less!
That is goal number one for every JJAZ component ® See-trough-ness
How is this accomplished?
Everyone knows the expression “musicality” but what is that?
No one knows exactly, but it is often used about equipment that lacks something, measures terribly or has other faults that causes the reproduction to be anything but the true image of what is on the media.
We believe that all parts of the reproduction should be as ideal as possible.
This implies that we do not accept that it “just sounds good!”. If it can not be verified by good measurements there is something wrong, and more importantly - it could be so much better!
As a result it takes a long time to develop, because it is back and forth between the measurements and the listening tests. N-number of times to get it right, exactly the way we want it.
Only the cone and dome should speak!

The only place the sound should originate is from the drivers. If the box is contributing, no one knows what is going on. If the stand “says” something, no one can control the reproduction. If the floor/base act like part of the speaker, no one will hear the correct image from the media.
If it was to be otherwise, why not make the boxes of 5 mm cardboard and the stands could be a cardboard box as well, etc.?
Only if the driver works in a perfect enclosure, we can expect the speaker to reproduce what we want - a true image of what is on the media.
Can the sound be improved by adding/subtracting?
The sound you hear should ONLY be the information that is present on the media!
If we add or remove to/from that, we will not get the full trueness, impression, feeling, message, joy, etc., that the artists put there in the first place.
Would you bring salt, pepper, spices and chilly sauce to a Michelin restaurant?
Or do you use sugar in your single malt?

We hope not!
You want to get the art the chef has made and you want the taste of the distillery – just like you want to hear the music as the artist made it and intended it to be.
When you get what is on the media - You get what you need!