Being enthusiastic music lovers and do-it-yourself guys for years finally led to the introduction of a new company on the Danish Hi-Fi scene.

Product Range
The current product range is covering GreatDaneAudio speakers, JJAZ Fod and the complete range of cables from the renowned American brand Cardas.
In the future the product range will be expanded with new quality products following the same philosophy that the current products share:

“Creating natural sounding Hi-Fi with technically good solutions that will last.”

Design and Build Quality
Unique design. Like buying expensive high quality furniture made with excellent materials and craftsmanship combined with engineering skills and musical ears.

The Goal
We aim for you to become one of our satisfied customers and stay with us for years to come.
In return we promise to deliver performance and technology that will be well proven for many years.

Getting started
Working together for years on different projects, Johnny Jensen finally convinced Peter Ulrik Kann to join in the founding of JJAZ in April 2003.
Having a lot of ideas to work with it took us less than a year to finalize the products you see in this short brochure.

The persons behind JJAZ
Peter Ulrik Kann: building speakers and amplifiers for +15 years, and has a B.Sc.E.M. He worked for +3 years at Tymphany (formerly Peerless) before getting involved in JJAZ. Besides that he still works with driver design:

Johnny Jensen: holding a B.Sc.E.E and has been working with every aspect of audio (amplifiers, speakers, filters, electronics and also car audio) for +10 years.

The two partners met when Johnny Jensen was doing a project on in-car bass response for Tymphany (formerly Peerless).